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Monday, February 11, 2013

'Spective Audio Update

'Spective Audio has physical, CD copies of Travis Bird's Bourgeois Treats available. Now shipping!

Travis Bird Boirgeois Treats Postage Paid:

Also available are a few copies of "Six" b/w "Popsicle" by The N.E.C. "Six" was named one of the Top Atlanta songs by Latest Disgrace. Jason at 7 Inches blog called the single, "immense rolling psych rumble," noting its "hypnotic swirling rhythm." This single was limited to 100 copies, only a handful remain, this is it!

Check out the audio while you consider picking up one of these copies!

The N.E.C. "Six"

Some copies of The N.E.C.'s Last Point of Radiation LP also remain! Limited screenprinted inserts are still available (~20 remain), with clear vinyl copies (limited to 200 copies). This is a driving psych-rock masterpiece that captures The N.E.C.'s intense live sound.

The N.E.C. "Last Point of Radiation" clear vinyl

Individual copies are available, or bundle 'em with the 7" to save $$$.

The N.E.C. LP & 7" bundle
RARE OPPORTUNITY: There are only two copies of these custom, clear/color mixes. This is it, custom-made by the pressing plant. Label and band have the rest. Email: spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com.

I also have a few tapes remaining, including Return by The Leavitt Ours, and a rare Leavitt Ours CDr.

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