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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"The Last Point of Radiation" Updates

Last Point of Radiation will be available from 'Spective Audio on Tuesday (July 10, 2012!). Clear wax and limited screenprinted inserts are available. Black wax currently unavailable at the source. 

 -Look for the LP at Permanent Records Chicago and Permanent Records L.A. -- support your local record shop!

 -Also look for the LP at Sound Effects Records out of Athens (including European mailorder!)

 -Check out Jason's review of "Six" b/w "Popsicle" at 7 Inches, home to excellent daily 7" vinyl reviews (highly recommended for private issue releases and music from all fields). Here's an excerpt about "Six:"

 "A hypnotic swirling rhythm with massive cave reverb, a big delay on the subtle background vocal just hinting at something slightly sinister. But the psych fog isn't content, always ramping up the dense sound with tom fills, letting loose for a moment as this nonstop guitar line explodes in pure distortion, speed bass and cymbal crashes. They keep upping the ante. The 33 speed giving this whole rolling rhythm the space to spread out and keep reaching higher and higher. A wah pedal screeching the distortion into something impassable. Really capturing the energy of this sound these guys are putting together as a nonstop pummeling force... that ends suddenly with the humming feedback of effects."

 Thank you, Jason!

 -The N.E.C. play their release show on August 4, 2012 at The Earl in Atlanta. The band will have copies of the LP available, and openers include Vital Sound I contributor Soft Opening, Abby Go Go, and Women's Work. $7 / 9:00 PM, don't miss it!

-Check out the latest download from Last Point of Radiation here! "N.O.W." showcases the trio's songwriting abilities, contrasting the hazy drive of "Six" with a persistent boogie. This one should agree with your ears whether you favor C.C.R.'s swamp choogle or Lumerians' dense psych pop.

-This is the latest stop on The N.E.C.'s voyage, and they bring their intense, energetic, and dynamic live sound to wax. Featuring extended meditations and concise, driving rock statements, The N.E.C. showcase their ability to carry forward structured songs while exploring layered psychedelic regions on Last Point of Radiation.


PAYPAL: $18 USD PPD / international shipping calculated on an individual basis. Contact for other shipping options. spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com -- for PayPal and for email inquiries.