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Friday, April 27, 2012

SPCTV LTD9 The N.E.C. "Six" b/w "Popsicle" READY TO SHIP!

I am READY TO SHIP copies of The N.E.C.'s latest single, "Six" b/w "Popsicle." "Six" is the lead cut off the trio's killer upcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation.The limited pressing of 100 features screenprinted jackets, ensuring that each single is a special artifact for its listener. Spun at 33 rpm, the extended single is loud, focused, and noisy, as The N.E.C. pummel your ears with "Six"'s relentless riff. Truly a monolithic sound, the band unify to drive their parts into oblivion. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE!

On the flip, exclusive B-side "Popsicle" yields burned-out sunshine pop, equal parts soul and debauchery. One of the strong points of The N.E.C.'s catalog is their ability to maintain soulful rhythms and catchy anthems alongside their noisy counterparts. "Popsicle" is the final stop for that thread in the band's catalog, and the trio counter "Six" with a rowdy, swaggering pop statement.

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