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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Label Update

First things first, I know that I've had a "sold out" label on Cinchel drone.dump for quite some time, but tooling around the internet it appears that copies remain available elsewhere. Cinchel himself is selling a few and Permanent Records and the Milwaukee Avenue Reckless Records have remaining copies. Support your local drone artist and support your neighborhood record shop!

You can find audio and tapes for sale at Cinchel's page.

Secondly, the Vital Sound compilation is being pressed; the pressing plant is currently working on the audio. There were some slight delays, but everything is back to working order.

Third, there is a new page at Discogs for 'Spective. I have available tapes for sale there, and all releases listed for the purpose of keeping a catalog. Once the releases are voted to be correct, I can add more label information and artist information -- if you're reading this and have a Discogs account, you can help.

As for purchasing a tape, send a Paypal to spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com. Domestic shipping is included in tape prices, which is $5 for CS1, CS4, and CS5. $7 is the suggested donation for CS6 tape and artwork, although we can always work something else out.

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