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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Illusion of Safety / Travis Bird and Daniel Burke


Illusion of Safety / Daniel Burke, Travis Bird Tour

Experimental music veteran Daniel Burke will be touring Illusion of Safety material, along with newcomer Travis Bird, Burke’s partner in Chicago experimental guitar duo, Travis Bird and Daniel Burke. The duo will be touring the majority of the shows to perform Illusion of Safety material, but in several cases, they will also feature their specific guitar focus.

September 16 (Illusion of Safety): Robinwood Concert House (Toledo, OH) 9:00 PM
September 17 (Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird and Daniel Burke): The Shop (Pittsburgh, PA) 8:00 PM
September 18 (Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird and Daniel Burke): Highwire Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) 8:00 PM
September 19 (Illusion of Safety): Fairfax Old Town Hall (Washington, D.C.) 10:00 PM
September 20 (Illusion of Safety): Bar Matchless (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00 PM
September 21 (Illusion of Safety): Starlab (Somerville, MA) 10:00 PM
September 23 (Travis Bird): Think Coffee on Mercer (New York, NY) 8:00 PM
September 24 (Travis Bird and Daniel Burke): Maya Gallery (Greensboro, NC) 7:00 PM
September 25 (Illusion of Safety): Signal Festival, Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC) 8:00 PM
September 26 (Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird and Daniel Burke): The Warehouse Performing Arts Center (Cornelius, NC) 8:00 PM

Daniel Burke hails from the Chicago experimental music scene, working in that area for nearly three decades. Over the course of his career, Burke has developed a distinct aesthetic that incorporates multi-media sources and other artistic crafts that fall outside of the realm of music. Burke utilizes these aspects to approach and develop music that engages the affective aspects of human experience through a self-described “need to explore the nature of sound and a desire to subvert structure.” Recent releases include a reissue of his Repairs cassette on Notice Recordings and his Probe recording with Jim O‘Rourke on Perdition Plastics, a performance with his new guitar duo (with Travis Bird) on a compilation featuring other Chicago-area experimental guitarists (entitled Offstrings; Complacency Productions), and his debut cassette with Travis Bird, Negentropy (Notice). These releases accent the depth of Burke’s career while suggesting several new directions.

On their main releases, and other live performances in Chicago, Travis Bird and Daniel Burke create eclectic, intense, flexible performances with their guitars that exploit the borders between improvisation and structured songs. Dark and foreboding timbres give way to surreal textures over the course of their releases on Notice Recordings and the Offstrings compilation.

Travis Bird is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist working in Chicago, crafting a rich identity that engages both pop and experimental realms, showcasing his musical flexibility and songcraft. Previously working on several projects, including a pop collaboration entitled Cedar Wax Wings, Bird most recently stars alongside Daniel Burke, with Notice Recording’s Evan Lindorff-Ellery in Dense Reduction as an experimental duo, and as drummer, songwriter, and engineer in experimental pop trio The Leavitt Ours. His most recent releases include those aforementioned with Burke, as well as several with Dense Reduction (Notice Recordings), and an improvisational recording “Movement” with The Leavitt Ours.


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